The Wazin Story

The Wazin tailoring house, currently heralded by Sam Wazin, represents more than two generations of tailoring and dress making experience. It all started with his father, M. Wazin, who served as a premier tailor and dress maker all his life.

Under the tutelage of his father, Sam started sewing at the age of 7, eventually making his way to New York in 2005 to commence as a fitter at Brooks Brothers. Sam continued his work at Saks Fifth Avenue, finally earning the role as the head fitter and celebrity fitting specialist at the Giorgio Armani.

In 2011, Sam decided to venture out on his own to establish the Wazin brand with a full range of alteration services followed by custom tailoring in 2012.

Wazin tailors offers a full range of tailoring services for men and women.